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What cars will the 6XD fit?

The 5XD or 6XD have the same footprint, and will fit any front engine / rear wheel drive car. As long as there is a bell housing available on the market for your engine to a Muncie / Richmond / Saginaw / Jerico / Gforce 4sp transmission application. (RTS/SS mfg can also make CUSTOM bell hsgs additional $)

What are the dimensions of the 6XD sequential?

22.260” long x 10.5” high x 9.5” wide. We also have Cad files available to send you if more detailed information are needed!

There is a Trans-Am version of the 5XD/6XD available also, this version is rotated 90* counter clockwise for lower ground clearance applications regarding Trans-Am / Time Attack / Specialty builds!

22.260” long x 9.5” high x 10.5” wide.

What is the lead time after payment is made for 6XD to be shipped?

All 5XD and 6XD units are 100% hand built and custom built to the client needs, there are NO prebuilt units ever! Generally we strive to have the units built and dyno tested  in 4 weeks, (ALL UNITS DYNO TESTED before shipping) If we are in between productions runs then usually 4 to 6 weeks.

What kind of clutch is used with the 6XD sequential gearboxes?

There is no special clutches required! Any racing clutch will work with 6XD; we have a variety of input shafts for many applications! 26 GM spline is most common, and for bigger HP/TRQ applications we have a NASCAR 29 spline, both the 26 n 29 inputs are standard @ no additional costs. All other special inputs are additional cost. (1.375” Drag 10 spline / RB or SR series 24 spline / 2JZ 14 spline / Trans-Am 26 spline Long Shafts)                     

What driveshaft plate or yoke do I need?

The 6XD units use the most common and simplest driveshaft application in the world. “The slip yoke design” is the most common application regarding all race car series in the world. A simple 32 spline “Hardened Billet Slip Yoke” are used in the 6XD sequential since it has proven to be the strongest with no failures.


Do we need to run an oil cooler with 6XD sequential?

As a general rule for ALL racing transmissions, if you are running more than 15 minutes continuously, Yes You Should Always Run an Oil Cooler! We highly suggest SETRAB 6 or 9 series STD Oil Coolers.