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Design Auto Racing Products 2nd to None

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#1 Facility for Dogbox and Winters QC Rebuilds & Repairs

100% satisfaction guaranteed for past 10yrs!

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About the 6XD Team

The 6XD Team is forged from combining two companies consisting of three dedicated and passionate owners that have a combined Pro level racing experience of 50+ years, also an impressive personal racing record of 100+ Wins and 9 World Championships regarding C.A.R.T, IndyCar, NASCAR, World Drift Championship, Formula Drift, and now Trans-Am Series!

6XD Owners

Owned/operated jointly by RTS INC (10yrs Rick Lamber) and SS manufacturing (6yrs Clay Stephens & Skyler Schipper).

* RTS INC / Race Tech Services: racing passionate company dedicated to the BEST racing drive-line products and #1 rated gearbox racing services around the world for past 30yrs.

* SS Manufacturing: second to none regarding creative, efficient, and user friendly mechanical engineering designs that are manufactured at the highest quality and also available to ALL levels of auto enthusiasts.

6XD Vision

By using top rated software combined with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) manufacturing equipment, SS mfg can design and develop products that provide the highest performance, consistency, aesthetics, and “Bang for the Buck”.

Because SS mfg performs both designing and manufacturing in-house, it creates a more efficient, cost-effective and premium quality-controlled environment. This allows SS mfg to deliver products that would normally be considered “out of the price range” and make them available to enthusiasts of all levels.

Rick Lamber 6XD Gearbox Owner

Rick Lamber Owner / Senior Lead Builder

Clay Stephens 6XD Gearbox Owner

Clay Stephens Owner / Designing Engineer

Skyler Schipper 6XD Gearbox Owner

Skyler Schipper Owner / Programmer / Machinist

Thanks for your trust, business and successful future together!

Only the Best


6XD Location

Is a private 6000sqft facility located in Charlotte metro area; Kannapolis, North Carolina.


The Newest CNC Technology

Develop products that provide the highest performance, consistency, aesthetics, and “Bang for the Buck”


Effort Equals Results

6XD Team mindset regarding everything we pursue!

6XD Sequential Racing Gearbox


Winning Podiums First Year In Production - No Failures

Designing of Auto Racing Products

SS Manufacturing is 2nd to none in regards to designing “Anything” you desire regarding racing products, billet brackets, billet suspensions, billet driveline items, billet engine items, from concept to production, we’re you one stop shop!

Rebuild Dogboxes / Winters QC

RTS INC is the #1 Gforce racing transmission dealer in the world and #1 facility for rebuilding racing dogbox transmissions and Winters Quick Change rears, brand new builds and/or rebuilds n repairs! 100% satisfaction guaranteed for past 10yrs!

Custom Racing Packages

We can/will assemble everything needed for a Plug n Play package! Selecting the correct clutch, release bearing assy, bell housing, shifter handle, hardened slip-yoke, and ratio stack! We’ll help make the right choices in every aspect for YOUR racing application! YOUR one stop shop for SUCCESS!

More on the 6XD Team

6XD sequential gearbox went from RTS INC/SS mfg drawing on paper to an actual racing product in only 11 months! Unheard of right? Not when you combine experienced/efficient people working together, WINNING results happen!
* G-force Transmissions owner Mike Long, 25+ yrs proven gear-train experience
* RTS INC owner Rick Lamber, 30+ yrs racing gearbox builder/ R&D experience
* SS manufacturing owner Clay Stephens, Designer/Mechanical Engineer with winning applications
* SS manufacturing owner Skyler Schipper, Master machinist of all multi axis CnC machines

Effort Equals Results:
* 1st Year World Release = 31 wins / 5 Championships / Not One Track Failure Ever *

“The 6XD gearbox has been such a drastic improvement to our car this season!

The box has taken any and all abuse we could’ve thrown at it. It’s been used in more than 15 high intensity drift events this season and the reliability has been impeccable!

The support of the RTS INC / SS mfg team has been amazing and they’ve developed one incredible product!!!”

Nick Noback / FD Pro2 Series / 2019 Lone Star Drift Championship

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Rick Lamber | 714-290-5276

703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081

Clay Stephens | 770-317-8121

703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081